HintEd was mentioned in a recent podcast on HR automation in Chile, hosted by our partners Red de Recursos Humanos and INNT Innovation Technologies. Human resource automation has become a critical tool for increasing the efficiency of companies. At HintEd, we’re passionate about driving innovation and helping organizations on their digital transformation journey. We believe HintEd has the potential to revolutionize the HR landscape in Chile and LATAM. We invite you to listen to the podcast! 

✍🏻Topics we discussed:
– What does the big picture look like in Chile today?
– What processes can be automated in HR areas?
– What are some applications of Artificial Intelligence in HR and its potential impact?

CEO and Founder of HintEd, is a visionary leader in the technology industry. With a passion for enhancing productivity through efficient employee training and user onboarding, HintEd has emerged as a leading Digital Adoption Platform under his guidance.

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